When looking at your income statement, always ask – “Is this significant to my business?” Unless you discover someone is walking out with crates of coffee, focusing on the number of K-Cups you’re using
#1 – Make Yourself Replaceable One of the first questions a Buyer asks is, “Can I be you?” It’s nice to feel like you’re irreplaceable, up until the moment you’re trying to find someone
Why Should I Buy This Business?     “Be your own boss!” “Why work for someone else’s profit?” “Build equity and your legacy!” You’ve heard it all before – why you should buy a
Putting a Value on the Apples of Your Business Quick – how much does an apple cost? If you took even a moment to answer the question, you pictured an apple and assigned a
3 Hard Truths About Goodwill Value So, you’ve toiled your whole life – built your business on blood, sweat, and tears. What’s it worth? Two heart attacks and a divorce? It’s certainly cost you
Use Your Competition Wisely Edison & Tesla. Ali & Frazier. Gates & Jobs. Sometimes, history defines a person by their competition, as much as by their successes. Two waves can cancel each other out
Want to Exit Smoothly? Start Now Too often, a Seller lets external forces push them out. Unfortunately, selling a business isn’t like selling a home; a buyer’s due diligence looks deeper than the fresh