When looking at your income statement, always ask – “Is this significant to my business?” Unless you discover someone is walking out with crates of coffee, focusing on the number of K-Cups you’re using
#1 – Make Yourself Replaceable One of the first questions a Buyer asks is, “Can I be you?” It’s nice to feel like you’re irreplaceable, up until the moment you’re trying to find someone
Business owners should be aware of the pitfalls they may be digging for themselves. The very traits that make a valuable and intelligent entrepreneur, including a strong self-reliance, can often lead to a much
Why Should I Buy This Business?     “Be your own boss!” “Why work for someone else’s profit?” “Build equity and your legacy!” You’ve heard it all before – why you should buy a
Putting a Value on the Apples of Your Business Quick – how much does an apple cost? If you took even a moment to answer the question, you pictured an apple and assigned a
3 Hard Truths About Goodwill Value So, you’ve toiled your whole life – built your business on blood, sweat, and tears. What’s it worth? Two heart attacks and a divorce? It’s certainly cost you
Use Your Competition Wisely Edison & Tesla. Ali & Frazier. Gates & Jobs. Sometimes, history defines a person by their competition, as much as by their successes. Two waves can cancel each other out