Automation Integrators applies innovative thinking and advanced technologies to solve the challenges of automated manufacturing & distribution. 

Utilizing the best industrial automation technology and equipment, Automation Integrators’ highly-experienced staff of engineers greatly improves the efficiency of automated processes, both through control system retrofits and through upgrades. Over 30 years, Automation Integrators has developed a vast network of industry-leading equipment manufacturers, key component suppliers, custom fabricators, and electrical engineers and has demonstrated a proven track record of excellence.


Automation Integrators began as a small group of automation engineers, dedicated to their craft. The quality of service and breadth of knowledge continued to open doors, expanding to an exclusive international contract with a top-of-the-line VLM. However, with each system costing close to $500,000 and little collateral available for a loan, special financing was required to bridge the gap between contract, purchase, and installation.

…to Point 

Relying on Point to Point’s strong relationships within the financial community, working capital financing and a line of credit was established based on the reputation of Automation Integrators and their customers. Careful financial planning based on projects (secured and bid) balance their continued rapid growth and the high cost of product investment. With a bright future ahead, Automation Integrators maintains 1, 3, and 5-year projections, giving the owner clarity to see when and how each goal can be reached.

  • Fractional Chief Financial Officer
  • Explosive Growth & Product Launches
  • Financial Management & Strategic Planning
  • Financial Modeling & Cash Flow Management
  • Loan Packaging, Refinancing, & Negotiation