If you’re looking for custom kitchen cabinetry – or cabinetry for any room – that fits your home’s architecture, that fits your personal style, that fits your life… consider The Kennebec Company.

The Kennebec Company has spent over 40 years perfecting the art of period cabinetry, creating beautiful masterpieces in kitchens and homes across the eastern seaboard. With a well-deserved reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and a wide variety of services, the majority of their work comes from repeat customers and client referrals.


In 2012, The Kennebec Company faced a crossroads; an owner looking to retire from a business that carried significant debt from decisions made a decade earlier. One employee, an individual who had worked his way up from the shop floor, was interested in acquiring the company and continuing the commitment to quality craftsmanship – but was concerned that the company was over-leveraged.

…to Point

Working alongside the employee, comprehensive financial projections were established based on historical numbers and real expectations. With a refinance proposal in hand, numerous negotiations took place with the senior lender, owner, and other financial partners to the business. The employee stepped in as the new owner of a profitable business with a realistic and manageable debt structure, while The Kennebec Company continues to wow satisfied customers with beautiful, custom cabinetry.

  • Succession Planning & Execution
  • Loan Packaging, Refinancing, & Negotiation
  • Troubled Asset Management & Workout
  • Foundational Projections & Analysis